STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 August 2013

Pentaceratops the Gentle

Krispy Kreme hosted a coloring contest featuring Pentaceratops once in New Mexico; that is how popular the dinosaur is with kids in its "home state". Pentaceratops is a well known dinosaur the world over though it seems. Science Kids (the New Zealand website that shows up here from time to time), Enchanted Learning, NHM London, Dinosaur Jungle, and KidsDinos all turn up as fact pages that are geared toward children when we look up Pentaceratops in relation to youth. That makes it one of the most popular dinosaurs in terms of children related fact pages found online; a fairly spectacular occurrence to be completely honest. Enchanted Learning has links to one of their kid-drawn dinosaur coloring pages on their fact sheet, but there is also coloring available from a site called (equally inaccurate but "cute" dinosaur). There is little shortage of dinosaurs labeled Pentaceratops on coloring pages to be honest. All of them are slightly inaccurate, but inaccuracies, carefully approached, can lead to an enlightening conversation with any age child and developing critical thinking and the ability to compare images may be a good exercise today!

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