STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 August 2013

Story of Coelurus

Zander and Kevin Cannon have a knack for making dinosaurs more popular. Their cartoon studio has done an awful of lot work in multiple disciplines and over a wide variety of nerdy/geeky subjects. The book, Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth, features their combined artwork and the writing of Jay Hosler and is set in a very accessible graphic novel format. Their inclusion of a rather baffled looking Coelurus in the artwork of the book can be attributed to the knowledge of the skeleton and the fact that Coelurus has been well known for such a long time before it was accepted that the entire skeleton was indeed the remains of a single individual spread out around the quarry. Coelurus has also showed up in a few video games such as Jurassic Park III: Park Builder, or at the very least, has been modded into a few games such as Zoo Tycoon. There is not a wealth of popular culture references beyond the inclusion in those games or the book, but it is enough really. There are so many dinosaurs out there we cannot really and truly expect them all to be extremely popular.

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