STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 September 2013

Slightly Less Known

Oodectes skull (L. lateral, ventral, and dorsal) and dentition.
Three more genera today; Palaearctonyx, Miocyon, and Oodectes. Palaearctonyx consists of one species, Palaearctonyx meadi Matthew 1909 while the other genera are made up of 4 species (Miocyon) and 2 species (Oodectes). Unlike most of the other members of Miacidae that we have looked at so far Palaearctonyx is thought to have been an omnivorous little mammal instead of a strict carnivore. Miocyon and Oodectes are obligate carnivores, as far as we can tell. Palaearctonyx also has the most complex taxonomic history; it has been reassigned once or twice, nothing too difficult to follow. The heads of these animals, as we can see, are still low crested and equipped with canine teeth that are well suited to biting into prey items.

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