STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 October 2013

Centrosaurs Bring in October

©Andrey Atuchin
The "Large-nosed Horned Face" is plodding in, a few days after the 1st of October, to welcome us to one of my favorite months of the year. Possessing horns much like those found on rather large bovine, Nasutoceratops is a newly described member of the Centrosaurine subfamily. As with many ceratopsians, Nasutoceratops is known from the discovery of a nearly complete skull. Osteodermic ridges were preserved along the edge of the frill in addition to the bulbous nasal bone and bovine-like horns. The sinus area of Nasutoceratops is rather large, but we can discuss the implications of an extended sinus later, for now, simply take in this interestingly beautiful creature.

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