STL Science Center

STL Science Center

03 October 2013

Popularity and the Hound

Highlights by David Thomson
Hesperocyon, which we never said means "Western Dog", never ventured very far from the middle of North America as far as we can tell. Perhaps, in part, that is why it is not a widely known animal. The small fossil record of Hesperocyon may also play a part in this. As with any species that is known globally though, as dogs are now, it is quite amazing to see how that ancestral animal was so limited in its range. I would like to have a lot of popular links to share today about Hesperocyon or at least a toy or stuffed animal, but instead, take a look at a pretty good approximation of the known/suspected total range. Take this into consideration when you hold your (French bred) Basset Hound later today.

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