STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 October 2013

Short of A Prize

Thomas Huxley described and named Acanthopholis in the 19th century. Some of the writings he created in which the dinosaur is mentioned have survived long enough to make it online. However, these writings are far from free and, honestly, are quite a bit more expensive than a one or two page historical document would appear to warrant; though I am not a historiographer nor am I an appraiser so I cannot say with certainty that this is true. Regardless, at around $45 a piece, some of the articles from the Geological Magazine printed by the Cambridge University Press can be obtained. Ken Carpenter tackles armored dinosaur phylogeny in a book he edited called The Armored Dinosaurs and mentions the positioning of Acanthopholis within the family and this reading is far more easily available at any large library or here in piecemeal if one wanted to simply skim over an article.

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