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STL Science Center

09 November 2013

Two Species and Not A Single Skeleton

Constructed by Steveoc86
Alioramus remotus is the more fragmentary skeleton of the two named species. However, it is still distinctive enough to be both Alioramus and a distinct second species of the genus. The skull, obviously lacking in many aspects, does contain the majority of the dentary and maxilla as well as a good portion of the postorbital surface of the skull. The postcranial skeleton is represented entirely be two toes and a portion of the ankle. Fortunately, it appears, that the general size and shape of this dinosaur can be approximated using the few bones we have knowledge of, comparative proportions of other Alioramus specimens, and most likely proportional comparisons to its close relative Tarbosaurus as well.

Constructed by Conty
Alioramus altai, however, consists of quite a bit more skeletal remains, overall at least. Regardless, the dimensions of the dinosaur are quite well known from the collective fossil assemblage of all of the Alioramus specimens. The most distinctive feature of the skull as a whole is the long narrow snout of Alioramus. This type of snout, overall, appears to be appropriate for reaching deep into prey items as well as lunging attacks with quick snaps of the powerful and solid built jaw. Given the apparently agreed upon configuration of the forelimbs as highly tyrannosaurid, a long quick jaw related attack would more than make up for these rather small forelimbs.

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