STL Science Center

STL Science Center

20 January 2014

I Have My Own Special

Allosaurus shows up in a ridiculous amount of different documentaries; we all know that Allosaurus is a famous dinosaur with many popular outlets. Walking with Dinosaurs used Allosaurus twice; once in a documentary in the main series and once in a special episode detailing an imagined life of a specimen known to the world as Big Al. Dinosaur Revolution, Planet Dinosaur, and a good number of "forgotten" documentaries from the 1970's through the middle 1990's used Allosaurus as main characters or, at least major characters. The antagonist of Fantasia's Rite of Spring segment could easily have been an Allosaurus, and it may be that it was intended to represent Allosaurus, but it is not entirely well defined as being Allosaurus. One of the more imaginative of those mainline documentary clips would have to be the one linked here from Dinosaur Revolution. One can piece together why I say this after watching it.

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