STL Science Center

STL Science Center

12 January 2014

Minimal Child Influence

Sauropelta is not a huge mainstream dinosaur and therefore does not impact the world of children's facts anywhere near as much as some dinosaurs have been known to do. It has managed to make it into a few child-friendly and lower level reading friendly webpages however. The easiest among these remains KidsDinos but London's NHM is always a reliable source of easy reading for dinosaurs as well. Pages about Sauropelta do also cater to higher reading abilities as well without too much information or technical jargon, which is always good as well. Pages that manage this the best are, typically, Enchanted Learning (which is a little closer to lower level reading this week) and the compiled data found on About. Videos and coloring pages dedicated to Sauropelta are lacking a bit this week, but that happens and we can be okay with that.

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