STL Science Center

STL Science Center

28 January 2014

Omeisaurus Lacks Press

Strong dinosaurs are well known dinosaurs, in the public eye, but not all of the research that is done on Omeisaurus has reached our country. Despite the popularity of this genus of dinosaur we are totally lacking in the majority of original literature about Omeisaurus because it is mostly published in Mandarin. The wonderful resource The Polyglot Paleontologist does not have any translations of the originals either; the database there is fairly extensive all things considered. Omeisaurus is mentioned in a few papers that can, perhaps, be retrieved by most people. One is actually on the classification and evolution of Mamenchisaurus and is also relatively superficially mentioned in an article on the Dinosauria supertree. However, these are only relatively sparse notations on Omeisaurus.

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