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STL Science Center

12 March 2014

All the Single Birds

It may not have been mentioned, but Jinfengopteryx is known from a single specimen. That single specimen, like many well preserved "dino-birds," is preserved in a slab of fine sediments that preserved the little specimen wonderfully. The tail and preserved feathers along the tail are fantastic looking in the fossil slab. The counterslab, which appears to be missing, probably has some nice carbon film impressions; however, I do not know if it is just missing or non-existent. The known feathers are numerous and well studied, as we have mentioned before. The teeth and other troodontid features can be seen in this fossil as well; this includes the general morphology of the skeleton but also makes it one of the only troodontids known to have feathers. Also, it is in what I can really only describe as a "roadrunner pose" on that wonderful fossil slab.
From Ji et al. 2005

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