STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 March 2014

Drawing and Learning

Two resources for the interested student today. The first is the London NHM's Dino Directory, which is almost always a good site, but today lacks an image. It does have a good short amount of information and, despite saying no images exist, also has an image depicting the size relationship between the average human and Aardonyx. The second resource is more for the artsy or open to try to be artsy dinosaur lover. This video shows how to draw Aardonyx; leaving a nice image for coloring afterwards as well even if it is not the best version of Aardonyx out there. How to draw videos are kind of hit and miss of course, but it is not a bad thing to open oneself up to trying new things, like drawing dinosaurs! There is also a step by step guide, if that is more one's speed.

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