STL Science Center

STL Science Center

28 March 2014

In Honor

©Nobu Tamura
Special for this week, I would like to discuss an animal that is not a dinosaur this week. Coinciding with the defense of my Master's Thesis this afternoon at 3:30 Central time, this week's animal is none other than Trinacromerum! Trinacromerum consists of two species, one being not much heralded, T. bentonianum and T. kirki. Trinacromerum is a polycotylid plesiosaur closely related to Dolichorhynchops and often confused with that genus. Its short neck and probably high speed body was built for cruising through Cretaceous waters and nabbing fish on the fly. Trinacromerum is a rather interesting marine reptile and ought to be fun to talk about for the remainder of this week. Be prepared for this unexpected sidetrip to the ocean!

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