STL Science Center

STL Science Center

24 April 2014

Dunkleosteus Skull Armor Ocean Fish Dinosaur Figurines

You have to love mistranslations from Asian languages. The title I used today came from an eBay listing selling a small plastic skull of Dunkleosteus. Domestically there are cheaper figures available from Safari LTD. that can be picked up in Hobby Lobby (is there irony here?) and other stores selling those awesome, but expensive, little prehistoric figurines that I would love to have handfuls of. As mentioned previously, Dunkleosteus appears in multiple documentaries and is an overall popular animal. While it seems to have not shown up in Zoo Tycoon (I am a little bummed by this) it has made waves, pun intended, in that Jurassic Park Facebook game that has been referenced many times over here and appears in game like this:

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