STL Science Center

STL Science Center

06 April 2014

When Not As Cool As Dinosaurs

A lot of the animals that are discussed in these week-long discussions are not exactly as awesome as dinosaurs in the eyes of the public. Then there are some, like Protosuchus, that are just simply not as popular as the ultra popular dinosaurs. That leads to a lot fewer public outlets for non-dinosaur fossil animals, as we have seen in the past. Protosuchus has a good About page that covers the basics of the animal, which is what we need to educate young students. Unfortunately, it is not enough to fully educate the young paleontologist and the normal outlets that would supplement this easier reading material are not available. However, parents (and other adult paleo-educators) can use Josep Zacarias' illustration as a coloring sheet and as model to discuss what the animal looked like and how it may have moved and interacted with its environment and the animals around it.

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