STL Science Center

STL Science Center

24 May 2014

Artistically Challenged

Due to the fact that so many hadrosaurs and lambeosaurs are similarly built and possess somewhat similar crests, many illustrators stick with the few core hadrosaurs and lambeosaurs when they illustrate thee types of animals. Because of that, Jaxartosaurus is one of those dinosaurs that has been largely left out of the circles of illustrated dinosaurs. They have even been left out of recent publications entirely as well. Regardless, Jaxartosaurus looked similar to other lambeosaurine dinosaurs with a crest on its head and a cow like body. The crest of this dinosaur is not reported as being as large as that of Lambeosaurus, and when illustrated that difference is reflected well. The illustration most often used wherever Jaxartosaurus is used online is the one below. It is generally considered an accurate representation overall.

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