STL Science Center

STL Science Center

27 May 2014

Asian Lambeosaurs

Jaxartosaurus is a member of the larger group of dinosaurs coming out of Asia in the last 100 years that were originally considered to be body plans seen mainly in Europe and North America. The past century of fossil expeditions in Russia, Mongolia, and China have turned up a number of lambeosaurine dinosaurs, though only a small number of those are considered to be valid species. Jaxartosaurus is one of the oldest genera of Asian lambeosaurs. Maryanska and Osmolska, during their extensive work in Mongolia, named the first Mongolian lambeosaurine dinosaur in 1981. They mention Jaxartosaurus in their description of a new species (Barsboldta sicinskit). Rozhdestvensky's 1968 Hadrosaurs of Kazakhstan treats Jaxartosaurus at a respectable length. Riabinin's 1939 description is, however, noticeably absent from the internet archives of all major article sites and it is also absent from the Google Scholar searches. I am still looking for it; I mentioned I was having difficulty finding it earlier in the week.

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