STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 May 2014

Camels of the Dinosaur World

Oftentimes drawing a comparison to living animals that young readers are more acquainted with helps them to picture and understand extinct animals much better. Equating this dinosaur to camels may not be entirely appropriate, however, it does allow for a speculative image of the animal to appear in the mind that anyone, including younger readers, can readily envision. That may be the best thing for young dinosaur connoisseurs today as there are not many links for their perusal designed specifically for the lower readers of the world. There does exist an About page. However, none of the other mainline pages used for links appear to have any information on Concavenator. National Geographic does still host its original news story announcing the discovery and describing of the dinosaur. This may be a good source of reading practice for dinosaur fans.

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