STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 May 2014

Darling of The Toy Industry

Since its discovery and highly publicized description, Concavenator has been modeled by a number of toy makers. Safari LTD. has made the biggest splash in the Concavenator market it appears, as it shows up in reviews and, by happy accident, on our own Facebook page thanks to a courteous reader. Artists, we have seen, have done a lot of work with Raul Martin being the most published in official news stories. Usually I do not mention art as part of popular culture, but Martin's interpretation of the animal has been heavily pushed by the media; this is not a bad thing as Martin's illustrations are pretty nicely done. Robinson Kunz has not been as published, however, his interpretation on DeviantArt is very interesting and the extras (map, etc.) are a nice touch. This post could go on forever, as there are card games, video game models, some books, even more toys than I have mentioned so far, and many other parts of our culture that this dinosaur has permeated, but I would rather not go on and on about it.

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