STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 June 2014

Kids Love Weird Dinosaurs

The two interpretations of Becklespinax are both strange and weird, to a point. They are certainly not the strangest of all dinosaurs, but they are strange enough that they excite the imagination quite a bit. Despite this interesting body plan, this dinosaur has not been popularized on child related websites or those friendly to younger readers. The NHM of London has a page, as it does wit many slightly less popular dinosaurs, but there are not many from other expected (i.e. we use them a lot) repositories of child friendly links and sites. One of our lesser used sites does have a rather good page on Becklespinax. Age of Dinosaurs is not often linked here, but this page on Becklespinax is rather well put together and very useful to younger readers. There are many images that can be used as coloring pages. There are no dedicated coloring sheets, however, this list of search results presents many images that can be repurposed in this way.

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