STL Science Center

STL Science Center

17 June 2014

More Writing From Romer

A slightly longer biographical memoir of Romer is available online. It was written by Edwin Colbert in 1982. Colbert is the type of person I mentioned yesterday; he is someone with a lot of information on Romer and wrote it all out in a well detailed biographical sketch. Most of the writings that Colbert mentioned and others known from the Romer catalog are textbooks. The reference book Osteolgy of the Reptiles has been mentioned before, but the many books on vertebrate paleontology have only been referenced a few times. In their day, they were very widely used, however, they have been replaced by newer texts written since long after the time of Romer. One that I plan to get my hands on and read someday in the near future is The Vertebrate Story. It is one of the cheaper Romer books out there still, and is widely available, but I just have not bought it yet.

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