STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 June 2014

Romer the Writer

A. S. Romer wrote a lot of quality anatomy books. It was through his study of comparative anatomy, embryology, and paleontology that he was able to write these works and make them applicable to multiple disciplines rather than any single discipline alone. One of the most sought after of these works is Osteology of the Reptiles. The book is highly sought after by anatomists, paleontologists, and collectors alike. Romer wrote the book to describe the anatomy of all reptiles from their origins to the present day. This presents as a comprehensive catalog of all of the anatomical structures and organization that makes a reptile a reptile from the most generic shared characters to the more specific characters that define groups of lizards. Romer does not examine any species in ultra specific depth in Osteology of Reptiles; such an endeavor would simply take too long and would entail the publication of a set of volumes rather than a single book. The fact that the work is so well detailed that it is still highly used 58 years after its first publication is a testament to its actual amount of detail and how accurate the work is. 

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