STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 June 2014

The Roaring 60's

During the 1965 calendar year Polish-Mongolian expeditions shipped well over 20 tons of fossils to Europe. These included tarbosaurs, sauropods, mammals, hadrosaurs, and ornithomimids. By the time that the combative Protoceratops and Velociraptor fossil was discovered in 1971 hundreds of tons of fossils had been shipped from Asia to Europe. However, as stated before, Kielan-Jaworowska was not entirely interested in dinosaurs. her research from her school days until about 1963 was concerned mainly with trilobites and other invertebrates. Sometime during and after 1963 her focus changed though. Jaworowska began to study mammals extensively. This was in part due to the numbers of mammals that were recovered by the Polish expeditions in the 1960's that she was part of and those that she directed from afar. Regardless, she wrote of her experiences in Mongolian, dinosaur and mammal alike, in a book called Hunting for Dinosaurs. The book describes the 1960's expeditions she was a part of and various goings on during those expeditions. The book and articles she has written have been accompanied by some interesting artistic works, and a few of those monographs have managed to somehow survive until today. This example of a Catopsbaatar, from a 1974 article on limb posture, is a nice reference piece of the type of research she was conducting at the time, for instance.

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