STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 July 2014

Cetiosaurus the Career

Many paleontologists make careers centered around one species, however it is not the normal situation. One paleontologist that appears to have devoted a good amount of his time to Cetiosaurus is Dr. Paul Upchurch. Far from his entire career, he has published a decent handful of papers on Cetiosaurus with varying main topics. He has written about the Rutland Dinosaur, its anatomy, and its relationships with other sauropods of Jurassic England. He has also gone further back in the history of Cetiosaurus and written about the entire anatomy and history of the taxonomy of Cetiosaurus. These articles are co-authored with other paleontologists, but it is clear that Dr. Upchurch is drawn to Cetiosaurus and has been for a while. As someone that has published a number of papers on Cetiosaurus he is  probably one of the most knowledgeable paleontologists on the animal currently (that has published I should say). We also have at our disposal Owen's initial description of Cetiosaurus which we can compare to Upchurch's and see how far the understanding of anatomy and paleontology has taken the science behind Cetiosaurus.

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