STL Science Center

STL Science Center

03 July 2014

Famous In Europe

Names like Kielan-Jaworoska and Hurn are more renown in Europe than America in part because that is more their home base. It also does not help that they do not study dinosaurs, the sexy paleontology that the American public reacts most fervently to. However, Dr. Kielan-Jaworowska should be much more well known in America given her contributions to all aspects of paleontology. Her work with invertebrates and mammals as well as her actions as director of the Institute of Paleontology in Poland allowed her to be very influential throughout her career. Indirectly these efforts forwarded understandings of dinosaurs like Protocerarops and Velociraptor. Her expeditions led to discoveries like that of Deinocheirus and many of the mammals that she has studied during the second half of her career so very well. Check her work out more on your own, her career has been far more extensive than I have been able to detail here. 

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