STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 July 2014

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In what appears to be a borderline breach of conduct, one website hosts, in rather odd capitalization of the title in their link, a copy of Yates' 2003 paper announcing the description of a new species of Thecodontosaurus. This paper describes the new specimen and then describes how the specimen, and Thecodontosaurus in general, impact the contemporaneous systematics of the day. The most significant impact appears to have been judged to be the fact that 'prosauropods"are considered paraphyletic when Thecodontosaurus and its close relatives morphologies are taken into consideration. The history of "prosauropod" monophyly is also discussed in the paper, making it a valuable history paper as well in that regard. In respect to the newer paper that generates and announces the name Pantydraco, only the publisher's page appears to contain it, meaning that it must be purchased from them directly for reading. As always this is not beneficial to poor graduate students or anyone that cannot drop $40 on a scholarly article, but the option does certainly exist.

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