STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 July 2014

Still Frames

Pantydraco is not an animated dinosaur by any means. We can chalk this one up to, once again, both the newness of the dinosaur's genus and the general lack of knowledge about the dinosaur in the general public. This time, however, there are not even sufficient tribute videos focused on the dinosaur. There are a few videos that discuss Thecodontosaurus or its origins, but these are slightly different circumstances from those surrounding Pantydraco. The similarities between the two do not contain enough mutual evidence to persuade me to share a video of one to address the few odd similarities with the other. Instead, prior to discussing academic papers tomorrow, I would like for all interested parties to read  a short essay by Adam Yates that addresses the confusion and occasional embarrassment of the name Pantydraco. I personally think it is a humorous name, taken by itself, but is a perfectly reasonable abbreviation of the Welsh word on which it was based. However, read his explanation of the back story and feel free to discuss it.

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