STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 July 2014

Two Legs

Walking on two legs and possessing a dietary regimen of basically anything, Pantydraco was probably a bit of a monster to anything smaller and slower than it. The small proto-mammals and reptiles of the Triassic would have been good snacks for Pantydraco, for example. While it was stated that animals slower than Pantydraco were probably good food items, its speed has not, to my knowledge, been measured or its gate measured. Therefore, we cannot accurately state the threshold of that speed minimum needed to outrun Pantydraco. Regardless, smaller animals than Pantydraco were probably frequently in danger of being ingested. Plants that were chosen by Pantydraco probably had absolutely no chance against the much more mobile and vicious dinosaur. Just look at how angry and mobile they were:

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