STL Science Center

STL Science Center

24 July 2014

Wonders of Fame

The most famous thing about Pantydraco is that it is named Pantydraco. In ways that is kind of sad, but in other ways it is simply an understatement of the value of the remains that are Pantydraco. In part, recognition of the uniqueness of the morphology of Pantydraco has aided in the modern diagnosis and definition of what exactly is a "prosauropod" and also aided in defining "prosauropod" as a paraphyletic grouping. Additionally, it is further evidence that sauropods evolved from bipedal omnivores and/or carnivores. Sadly, though, despite all of this, the internet will, because there are no toys or plush animals, always remember Pantydraco as the dinosaur with the childishly funny name because of memes like this:

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