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STL Science Center

19 August 2014

All Kinds of Papers

Mackovicky et al. (2005) described Buitreraptor and proposed that Neuquenraptor and Unenlagia were potentially synonyms with the older Unenlagia holding preference. We know, from previous discussions, that Novas and Pol (2005) disagreed by naming Neuquenraptor when they described it, since it was described a full 8 years after Unenlagia. If Neuquenraptor had been described shortly after it was unearthed rather than a decade later its name would have preference over Unenlagia. The original tentative name may have been used instead, however, so we might be having this debate between Araucanoraptor and Unenlagia instead. Novas and Angolin (2010) retained the individual genera, which I think makes it quite apparent that Novas does not agree with either the Mackovicky or Gianechini and ApesteguĂ­a (2011) interpretation of synonymy. It probably helps cement his viewpoint that he coauthored the paper describing and naming Unenlagia as well in 1997. Thankfully for anyone interested in entering in on the debate, though, we have this wealth of papers available online.

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