STL Science Center

STL Science Center

05 August 2014

Separating News and Science

There are a lot of news stories that come up under Eodromaeus even on scholarly search engines. The paper of interest, and at this point in time there really is only one paper of interest, also comes up in those searches. It also has 18 internet sources, a rather high number for any scholarly paper to be honest. The number of, probably illegal, pdfs available is extremely high also. We as a group probably would not complain about that, however. Today I am inclined to allow the reader to choose their own version of the pdf to read by presenting the list of search results. Regardless of which pdf is chosen, the paper remains the same. It is a paper that presents a short 6 page description of the skeleton of Eodromaeus and compares it to other basal theropods (Herrerasaurus, Eoraptor) and Heterodontosaurus to determine its correct placement in the dinosaur tree. Figure 2 of the paper is my favorite. It shows an illustrated skeleton and the placement of the described bones in that skeleton. I would copy it here, but I think it would make a better surprise image. We know the outcome of the research, but it is an interesting read to see how Martinez, et al. got to that point.

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