STL Science Center

STL Science Center

31 August 2014

Small Tyrannosaurs for Small Humans

As a well known member of the dinosaur community, Alectrosaurus has become a popular internet dinosaur as well. That in turn leads to more websites hosting appropriate reading materials for all ages. Since goal number 1 around here is to make dinosaurs and the science around them more accessible to all ages and all backgrounds, having more links dedicated to different reading abilities and interest levels always makes us happier people! We have today some of the typical websites that are definitely geared toward quick and easy access of facts for any reading ability like the NHM of London's Dino Directory, which happens to sport an outdated but absolutely awesome illustration of Alectrosaurus, and an updated and spiffy looking new About page complete with an updated and energetic looking Alectrosaurus pair from Sergey Krasovskiy. Lesser used pages also include pages on Alectrosaurus such as this one at Dinosaur Jungle and the wiki space for the pseudo-documentary Planet Dinosaur. What is lacking for such a well known dinosaur, actually, are coloring pages specifically dedicated to the small tyrannosaur. That is actually quite surprising!

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