STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 August 2014

The Experts

Today there are a couple of videos that I want to let do the talking. I think these days are typically very nice because it means we have interviews or quality news stories that address our paleo-fauna (if I ever address paleo-flora I would be amazed to find the plethora of videos we have found). Two good news videos exist that we can watch today. The two together may take up about 6 minutes of your time. The first is an interview with Paul Sereno posted by the University of Chicago's News Office.

The second is National Geographic's announcement of the naming of Eodromaeus. National Geographic does not have an embedding option on their video, but it does include the pretty awesome time lapse sculpting video within its video despite using some of Chicago's interview as highlights. I think these two videos are almost enough dinosaur for a day (is there ever enough paleontology in a day really?).

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