STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 August 2014

Tributes And Nothing Else?

Unenlagia has a couple of tribute videos to its name, but none of them are wonderfully accurate or informational. Again, I am not responsible for any of the images used in the tribute, found here, or the choice of music that is associated with the video. Either Unenlagia or Neuquenraptor appears in the 3D IMAX movie Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia, however, they are usually referred to as "raptors". The attribution as either one or the other depends on the review that is read, but Unenlagia is credited more than Neuquenraptor as the source dinosaur. This may be due to the fact that Unenlagia is slightly more well known, as the creators of the movie do not cite precisely what dinosaur the "raptors" are modeled off of for the film in any interviews or sources that I have been able to find. The entire movie is hosted on Youtube (including a version in Spanish, I believe) on a couple of channels, including this one, but are probably not endorsed by the studio or IMAX. Donald Sutherland has a pretty good narrating voice though, regardless of which dinosaur the model is supposed to be. Hopefully more of the fossils attributed to both species will be discovered and increased interest and knowledge will cause there to be more good scientific documentaries developed on these animals. However, we can make do, even if unhappy about the popular documentary format, with Giants of Patagonia for the moment at least.

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