STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 September 2014

Colorful Days

Anchisaurus exists on a number of kids websites including the NHM of London and a more detailed description KidsDinos. The notoriously bland drawings of Enchanted Learning can be used as coloring pages today, but there was also the line drawing of Josep Zacarias that could be used, with his permission, as a coloring page. I have told him he ought to make a coloring book in the past, and hopefully he can some day, but until then the most respectable thing to do is to ask him if he is okay with you and your family coloring his drawings. That image may no longer be online though meaning one would have to ask for it specifically. The Enchanted Learning image can be colored online, which cuts down on using paper and ink of course. This should provide enough starting material to talk about this East Coast dinosaur.

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