STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 September 2014

Making Do

How do we get dinosaurs to be more popular? Outreach of course, but how is that done with unpopular dinosaurs? Through a lot of luck and the love of people that know about the animal and already love it. Anserimimus has very little current research going on around it, but that which has been done has been done lovingly and the Barsbolds and Kobayashis have educated a new generation to love this animal. The current way to popularity for dinosaurs is not, thankfully, only through research and researchers. A dinosaur like Anserimimus can become popular through video games like Spore and Zoo Tycoon as well as through books, popular magazines (think National Geographic), and as toys. Unfortunately none of those things help out Anserimimus; there is a user created Dinosaur King style card out on the internet. The only way this dinosaur will become more popular, it seems, is by the word about the dinosaur getting spread. Work to spread the word of Anserimimus people, so we can have more popular dinosaur outlets for Anserimimus!

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