STL Science Center

STL Science Center

07 September 2014

Mimicking Other Links

The links for ornithomimids are pretty similar, but even Anserimimus has its own individual links geared toward readers of all levels. Probably because of the very weak popularity of Anserimimus there are only two actual websites that have dedicated sites for Anserimimus. Those sites are the NHM of London with its Dino Directory, and the ever present About dinosaur pages. Thankfully both of those sites are very well maintained and loved or we would not have any links today dedicated to mid-level readers or readers that are intimidated by large scientific paragraphs. The NHM site is minimal, as usual, but its tried and true site design is easy to read and use. About's newer site design is still easy to navigate and has slightly more difficult scientific paragraphs. Choose wisely, or choose both today. There are no alternatives, no coloring pages, and no videos.

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