STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 September 2014

Tribute Monday

Alectrosaurus tribute videos seem to be in every corner of the internet. Some of the best, as usual, borrow images that are not always the animal that they are supposed to be showcasing. A lot of them are actually 2D shadow puppet type shorts that are not scientific or really appropriate for our purposes. The Alectrosaurus tribute that matches our purposes best is actually a fairly good tribute video, which is rarely something that gets said with tribute videos. The best place to see Alectorsaurus however is episode 6 of Planet Dinosaur. While neither a strict documentary nor the best pseudo-science out there, the Alectrosaurs in the episode are well modeled (despite sharing a model base with Daspletosaurus) and they have some pretty fantastic interactions with the other dinosaurs of the episode. A small part of that interaction can be seen below:

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