STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 September 2014

You Won't See My Movies

The documentaries featuring ornithomimids are most often centered around the more popular and best known dinosaurs in the family like Gallimimus and Ornithomimus. Anserimimus does not feature in any shows, but for the most part much of the ornithomimid information presented in documentaries could overlap with Anserimimus. There are always gaps in the information and many times reading multiple sources, watching multiple documentaries, and contacting people that have worked with the fossils are the only ways to really learn about the animals. When faced with a lack of documentaries, or only documentaries that discuss related taxa, we have to rely on the other two sources of information. We can also go to the museum and look at the skeleton and the information in the museum and draw some intelligent conclusions. Barring intelligent conclusions, just enjoy looking at the mounted skeleton, like the one below, but remember, it is only a partial skeleton lacking much of the original animal and composed of many similar bones from similar animals.

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