STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 October 2014

The Quieter Chasmosaur

Anchiceratops is a very popular ceratopsian. It is not well known by the public though. This is a well studied dinosaur and is the subject of many books and book chapters and has appeared in at least two episodes of the popular cartoon Dinosaur King. We saw one of the episodes on Monday but there are still plenty of things we haven not seen, like the cards that have been designed for the collectible card game. There are also toys of Anchiceratops circulating in the dinosaur toy sphere. The toys are generally well representative of Anchiceratops as well. This is not always the case remember. One of the best representative toys has a good write-up on the Dinosaur Toy Blog. Personally, I am impressed that they even included the medially oriented bone knobs on the frill of the dinosaur. It is a well modeled toy that represents the animal well and gives those kids (and adults) playing with them a very accurate portrayal of the dinosaur that they are seeing. That is very important in the end. The purpose of toys is fun, of course, but it is also indirect education and modeling of prehistoric animals in general.

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