STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 December 2014

Mighty Moschops

Moschops is a well known unknown beast. That is very confusing, I know. When I have to say that about an animal, what I mean is that no one knows the name of the animal but they have seen the image, somewhere, it happens quite often with prehistoric animals. Moschops has appeared in many popular culture venues, as we have seen. It even featured as a main character in a children's program; that program was a little inaccurate of course. The line drawings of Trainor were even less accurate, overall, though he attempted to keep some of the science accurate. Some old toys still exist, though not many new molds of Moschops have been utilized lately. One of those few new molds has made its way onto YouTube, as toys often do, as a review. Big Time Attic made day #84 in their Dino-A-Day list an entry about Moschops. Their illustration is well done, but kept cartoony, like the Cannons typically tend to do with their artwork (I personally enjoy the child-like aspect of their art).

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