STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 December 2014

They Wrote A Book

Seriously, they wrote a book on Thrinaxodon. The book is actually only on the cranial anatomy of the small near-mammal, which is slightly more impressive, if that was possible. The book is available as a plain html site from UCMP. That site, in turn, links an even larger work from the University of Texas that was written by Rowe, Carlson, and Bottorff in 1993. I feel like that level of information may be enough for most readers for a day, but there are also published studies on growth patterns and tooth growth and replacement. The writings explain themselves today and are on three of the most interesting topics around Thrinaxodon, which means they require very little further discussion. Enjoy your reading today ladies and gentlemen, there is quite a lot available to you!

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