STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 February 2015

Kids in Egypt

Typically when educational materials or sites with facts are shared about Egypt the topic has a lot more mummies and pyramids involved. The fact that today's educational links are about an Egyptian dinosaur make learning about Egypt no less worthy of being included in an education of ancient Egypt, it just makes Egyptian history that much older and more interesting. Despite having very little, almost none really, surviving fossils of Aegyptosaurus, the dinosaur is fairly well known still and has garnered attention from About and Enchanted Learning in short but sweet fact websites. It has also been discussed by a Raresource site that mentions a book that discusses all of the lost dinosaurs of Egypt (called The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt) that is available as an electronic book. This would be a good source for information not only about Aegyptosaurus but also Spinosaurus and others.

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