STL Science Center

STL Science Center

03 February 2015

Paper Trail!

Liaoceratops has a great deal of research devoted to it. A lot of the papers published on the animal are descriptions of the dinosaur's remains but these range from the initial description of mixed age specimens to specific later discoveries of what appear to be juvenile specimens. The original description paper discussing mixed age specimens is the paper from which the illustration of the younger skull that was shown yesterday was taken from. The dinosaur has been discussed in many different arenas, especially when it is used as a reference to positioning of other taxa and relationships between neoceratopsian and psittacosaurian taxa. One referencing paper is about tooth replacement in neoceratopsians and is rather interesting read. I recommend reading it if you like teeth, but you may have to save it and open it through Adobe rather than allowing the pdf to open itself; it is strangely finicky.

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