STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 February 2015

Typing Searches

Typing in searches is sometimes a very fun and rewarding time on the internet. Due to the fact that I altered this week's entries a little bit earlier this week I ended up with a lot of rather empty moments in which to look for information and images to share about Aegyptosaurus. It could take a seriously long time to run down all of the links, images, short videos, and other bits that people will title or call a given dinosaur. I found homemade claymation videos, April Fool's Day articles and a lot of other things that one would not expect when I typed in Aegyptosaurus. Just for fun though, I encourage everyone to look at the artwork that depicts, or at least is titled, Aegyptosaurus on DeviantArt. Sometimes the artwork on there can be a little iffy, but I promise at least the first page of the search I ran tonite is pretty darn good. There's a really neat swimming Aegyptosaurus and a spotted cow-like variant. It's all good fun and taking a moment to appreciate art is always worth our time!

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