STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 March 2015

Literature Reviews

Madsen 1976 names and describes Marshosaurus bicentesimus and the location it was taken from in fairly nice detail. The paper also includes some nice photographs and illustrations of the bones being described. While Marshosaurus has been referenced and mentioned in numerous other papers regarding Megalosauroid phylogenetics as well as the Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry, this paper is much more informative than those other papers. All of the recorded specimens up to 1976 are detailed in the Madsen paper. Despite being lower in quantity than some specimens, there are still quite a few substantial fossils attributed to Marshosaurus in the initial description. The publication in the journal Utah Geology probably did not help the popularity of the dinosaur, but it put it out there to be discovered by other scientists, which is most of the battle with some papers.

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