STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 May 2015

From Awful Interpretations...

Totally awful interpretation of "natives" (Maori) hunting Moa.
Moa are enormous birds. They have, as enormous birds, captured the imagination of countless numbers of people over the ages. No doubt the Maori, despite hunting them to extinction, were in awe of the giant steaks running about on the new islands they colonized. The popular culture impact of Moas has not been as great as that of the so-called Terror Birds, but the general populous has probably heard of Moas if not seen images of them. It has not hit the toy market as hard as most popular culture darlings, but it has hit gaming markets, which is close to the same thing. Moas are also popular book topics. Either way, they are big birds that had big personalities and often become big members of the popular culture buzz. However, we only have a few of these popular culture items at our disposal right now.


  1. UHA (a Japanese company) made a small moa figure for their Collect Club series.