STL Science Center

STL Science Center

19 May 2015

Special References

Old publications or new publications; either general topic will allow you to retrieve hundreds of writings concerning Stegosaurus. Dinosaurs that are as popular in video formats as Stegosaurus was yesterday tend to have a lot of printed material devoted to them as well and this genus is, of course, not an exception as it has hundreds, maybe even thousands, of papers and books that focus on or dedicate some text to Stegosaurus. One of the better old books was written by CW Gilmore in 1914 and discusses all of the "armored Dinosauria" that was at the time in the Smithsonian (United States National Museum). Throughout the 20th Century Stegosaurus was revisited time and again, especially after the discovery of non-North American members of its family. All of the literature that exists is far too much to read. I picked out some interesting reads instead. These should be fun, some may be a bit older and therefore out of date, but fun anyway:

Heat loss through convection

Growth of plates

Stegosaurus plate vasculature

Histology of Stegosaurus plates

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