STL Science Center

STL Science Center

15 June 2015

Manic Mosasaur Monday

I got a little sidetracked last night and forgot to hit enter on the post. Here is the post for Monday though.

The majority of Mosasaurus videos on the internet right now are steeped in so much Jurassic World glitter and shininess that the reptile has lost a lot of his educational links in the muddling. There are plenty out there though. The reason for all of the pre-JW links is as obvious as the reptile: it is definitely one definition of charismatic megafauna in the fossil record. We are discussing a large aquatic reptile, a world often forgotten in the dinosaur craziness of the Mesozoic that, when it does surface, is thanks to more news about enormous ferocious predators more likely than not. However, the pre-JW links of Mosasaurus related material were not all educational and news stories themselves. There was an episode of the BBC show Primeval (the translation makes it a little more disturbing) which has a very unlikely attack; humans are not worth an animal that large beaching itself I am quite sure. There are more than enough documentaries also, from the sensational Discovery series Mega Beasts (we can cut them some slack because they did reach out to people that know their mosasaurs) to the serial killer portrayal in the Reign of the Dinosaurs series (also Discovery, a bit overly dramatic).

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