STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 June 2015

Rhabdodon on the Move

I have shared the Dinosaur Planet episode Pod's Travels about five times now because it has a lot of different insular species that we have discussed. I even shared it once on an Iguanodon post because Rhabdodon is, in effect, an insular version of Iguanodon. I can share it again in here and will do so. The animals are referred to simply as Iguanodon but the show notes mention that they are based on skeletons of Rhabdodon. I have never personally understood why television does that sort of thing, but that is how it is. Unfortunately, that is about where the references to Rhabdodon on television or in movies dies out, unless you have the ability to watch old episodes of Dinosaur Train. There is a Rhabdodon character named Reba on an episode or two, but none of the clips are stand alone bits from the show or available online (without the sanction of PBS) otherwise.

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